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Cancer’s Random Assault

Jan 06, 2015 No Comments by

It may sound flippant to say that many cases ofcancer are caused by bad luck, but that is what two scientists suggested in an article published last week in the journal Science. The bad luck comes in the form of random genetic mistakes, or mutations, that happen when healthy cells divide. Random mutations may account […]

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Thyroid Supplements With a Kick

Jan 22, 2014 No Comments by

Feeling sluggish? Having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning? Gaining weight? Many people with vague symptoms like these turn to dietary supplements that promise to jump-start metabolism by bolstering their thyroids with a mix of vitamins and minerals. Bladderwrack seaweed, iodine and an herb called ashwagondha are among the common ingredients. But these over-the-counter products may also contain […]

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Myths Surround Breakfast and Weight

Sep 10, 2013 No Comments by

Americans have long been told that routinely eating breakfast is a simple habit that helps prevent weight gain. Skipping breakfast, the thinking goes, increases hunger throughout the day, making people overeat and seek out snacks to compensate for missing that first – and some would say most important – meal of the day. “Eating a […]

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Malaria Vaccine Shows Promise in Children: Worldwide Fight Gaining Ground

Aug 22, 2013 No Comments

A multi-year investment of $500 million USD by the Gates Foundation, GlaxoSmithKline and the U.S. government has yielded partial success in the search for a malaria vaccine. A recent report in the Wall Street Journal relays the results of a clinical trial published in the New England Journal of Medicine indicating that three doses of […]

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Is yoga too religious for schools?

Aug 22, 2013 No Comments

(CNN) — Students gather in the gym at Druid Hills Middle School in Atlanta, lay out their mats and get ready to wind down. With deep breaths they lengthen their spines and start to bend — into cobra pose, downward-facing dog, and eventually into the lotus position. Emily Schroeder, 11, says doing yoga during the school […]

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In All Flavors, Cigars Draw In Young Smokers

Aug 17, 2013 No Comments

BALTIMORE — At Everest Greenish Grocery, a brightly lit store on a faded corner of this city, nothing is more popular than a chocolate-flavored little cigar. They are displayed just above the Hershey bars along with their colorful cigarillo cousins — white grape, strawberry, pineapple and Da Bomb Blueberry. And they were completely sold out […]

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